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Meet Michelle

Entrepreneur, author, mom and motivational speaker

Michelle Smith is an amazing daughter, sister, wife and mother to two beautiful children. She is a native of Baltimore, MD. and was educated in the Baltimore City Public School System. Michelle went on to cosmetology school to pursue her dream and love of styling and art. She has since turned her passion for styling and art into a business in which Classiques Hair Designs was born.


Michelle’s passion for designing and styling goes far beyond hair. She loves making women feel good about themselves by allowing them to own their own beauty. During her free time, Michelle enjoys riding her motorcycle with childhood friends and family.


Over the years, Michelle has embarked upon another one of her passions. She loves writing poetry to inspire others. Her love for spiritual poetry is to tell others about the word of God through her vision. Most of all, Michelle loves spending time with the Lord, family and friends. She always says we need to meet people where they are, in order to bring them up. God doesn’t see the physical, mental or material part of you. God sees our hearts and we all should seek God for our purpose. 

Trust your intuition and success will follow

Michelle Smith

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